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    Four basic componets:
  • Upright Frames
  • Beams
  • Shelf Supports
  • Shelves in Wire Grid or Particleboard

Lozier wide span shelving is an economical answer to your bulk storage needs.Beam capacity is based on the size of the beam and the quantity of shelf supports used. Please click on the beam part number to view the capacity chart.

Picture shows shelving in Primary Red. Standard color is Platinum which is Off White to Beige.

Click on the Product No(s). below to view further information!

Wide Span Uprights
Product No.DescriptionUpright HeightPrice Ea.
WSU***60Upright Frame - One Piece60" Tall
WSU***72Upright Frame - One Piece72" Tall
WSU***84Upright Frame - One Piece84" Tall
WSU***96Upright Frame - One Piece96" Tall
WSU***120Upright Frame - One Piece120" Tall
WSU***132UUpright Frame - Two Piece132" Tall
WSU***144UUpright Frame - Two Piece144" Tall
WSU***156UUpright Frame - Two Piece156" Tall
WSU***168UUpright Frame - Two Piece168" Tall
WSU***192UUpright Frame - Two Piece192" Tall

Wide Span Beams
Product No.DescriptionBeam LengthCapacity
WSB48*Wide Span Beam48" Long
Regular Duty (R)  $16.73
Heavy Duty (HD)  $20.94
WSB60*Wide Span Beam60" Long
Regular Duty (R)  $18.72
Heavy Duty (HD)  $24.22
WSB72*Wide Span Beam72" Long
Regular Duty (R)  $20.71
Heavy Duty (HD)  $27.49
WSB84*Wide Span Beam84" Long
Regular Duty (R)  $22.70
Heavy Duty (HD)  $30.77
WSB96*Wide Span Beam96" Long
Regular Duty (R)  $24.69
Heavy Duty (HD)  $34.05

Wide Span Shelf Supports
Product No.DescriptionSizeCapacity
WSSS18Wide Span Shelf Support18" Deep
Regular Duty (R)  $3.63
Heavy Duty (HD)  $8.42
WSSS24Wide Span Shelf Support24" Deep
Regular Duty (R)  $4.21
Heavy Duty (HD)  $9.24
WSSS30Wide Span Shelf Support30" Deep
Regular Duty (R)  $4.80
Heavy Duty (HD)  $10.06
WSSS36Wide Span Shelf Support36" Deep
Regular Duty (R)  $5.38
Heavy Duty (HD)  $10.88
WSSS42Wide Span Shelf Support42" Deep
Regular Duty (R)  $5.97
Heavy Duty (HD)  $11.70
WSSS48Wide Span Shelf Support48" Deep
Regular Duty (R)  $6.55
Heavy Duty (HD)  $12.52

Wide Span Particleboard Shelves
Product No.DescriptionSizePrice Ea.
WSPB**48Wide Span Particleboard Shelf48" Wide
WSPB**60Wide Span Particleboard Shelf60" Wide
WSPB**72Wide Span Particleboard Shelf72" Wide
WSPB**84Wide Span Particleboard Shelf84" Wide
WSPB**96Wide Span Particleboard Shelf96" Wide

Wide Span Wire Grid Shelves
Product No.DescriptionSizePrice Ea.
WSWG**48Wide Span Wire Grid Shelves48" Wide
WSWG**60Wide Span Wire Grid Shelves60" Wide
WSWG**72Wide Span Wire Grid Shelves72" Wide
WSWG**84Wide Span Wire Grid Shelves84" Wide
WSWG**96Wide Span Wire Grid Shelves96" Wide

Wide Span Accessories
Product No.DescriptionSizePrice Ea.
WSUCUpright ConnectorN/A
Carton of 4  $24.80
WS1321Back to Back Connector2-1/4" Spacing
Carton of 6  $14.04
WS1251Floor Protector / Shim1/6" Thick
Carton of 20  $18.72
WS1241Floor Anchor
Carton of 10  $21.06
Carton of 20  $32.76