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    Nesting: Lower shipping costs and reduce storage space
    Stacking: Stack securely for better organized workstations and parts inventory
    Large label area allows for quick identification
    Various sizes available
    Available in Black only

Breakthrough design combines all the advantages of nesting and stacking for increased efficiency and productivity. To increase storage space, stack bins vertically in the same length or mixed-length conbinations. Made of injection molded co-polymer polyproplyene for economy, strength and durability. They are waterproof, resistant to grease, oil, solvents, chemicals, and autoclaveable up to 250F. Reinforced side ribs add strength and prevent bins from spreading when stacked or loaded. Built-in stacking posts and postholes allow for secure same-width stacking. Generous hopper front gives easy access to stored items. FOB Shipping Point.

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Product No.Size L x W x DWt. (lbs.) Ctn.Ctn. Qty.Price Per Ctn. (Ea.)
3071611-7/8 x 6-5/8 x 5"10 10 On Sale $28.20 ($2.82)
Regular $37.60 ($3.76)
3071811-7/8 x 8-3/8 x 5"10 8 On Sale $35.76 ($4.47)
Regular $47.68 ($5.96)
3077617-7/8 x 6-5/8 x 7"15 10 On Sale $50.50 ($5.05)
Regular $67.40 ($6.74)
3077817-7/8 x 8-3/8 x 715 8 On Sale $46.08 ($5.76)
Regular $61.44 ($7.68)
307968-7/8 x 6-5/8 x 5"7 10 On Sale $21.30 ($2.13)
Regular $28.40 ($2.84)