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    •Teardrop Style or Keystone Style.
    • Fast, easy assembly.
    • Interchangable with other brands of rack.

Bulldog Selective Rack Systems are designed for maximum efficiency in your warehouse and distribution operations. Our systems provide cost effective solutions to meet your specific needs and are designed for rapid return on your investment.

High-quality rack systems are always in compliance with RMI, AISI and AISC specifications and are manufactured from American-made, top grade, high strength cold-rolled steel.

Step beams easily adjust on 3" increments (Keystone) or 2" increments (Tear Drop). Beams lock into place preventing uplifting and dislodging when load is retrieved. Bulldog Racks assemble quickly and tightly with boltless beam connections. Upright capacities listed are based on 48" vertical beam spacing. Contact the factory for upright capacities for different vertical spacing. Our powder coat system is the industry's most durable, high-gloss finish.

Colors available - Arctic White, Blue, Key Blue, Pet Tan, Black, Green, Yellow, Red, Slick Gray, BDR Gray, Orange and CD Green - please specify. FOB Shipping Point.

Due to the volitivity of the steel market all items are priced on request. Please add the items you would like quoted to your shopping cart and request a quote.

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Product NumberSize D x HCapacity (lbs.)Wt. (lbs.)Request a quote!
TU23-96-3636" X 96"15,00045
TU23-96-4242" X 96"15,00046
TU23-96-4848" X 96"15,00048
TU23-120-3636" X 120"15,00053
TU23-120-4242" X 120"15,00055
TU23-120-4848" X 120"15,00057
TU23-144-3636" X 144"15,00066
TU23-144-4242" X 144"15,00068
TU23-144-4848" X 144"15,00070
TU33-120-3636" X 120"22,90066
TU33-120-4242" X 120"22,90068
TU33-120-4848" X 120"22,90070
TU33-144-3636" X 144"22,90078
TU33-144-4242" X 144"22,90079
TU33-144-4848" X 144"22,90081
TU33-168-4242" X 168"22,90094
TU33-168-4848" X 168"22,90097
TU33-192-4242" X 192"22,900106
TU33-192-4848" X 192"22,900108
TU34-144-4242" X 144"22,90091
TU34-144-4848" x 144"22,90093
TU34-192-4242" x 192"22,900121
TU34-192-4848" x 192"22,900124
TU34-216-4242" x 216"22,900138
TU34-216-4848" x 216"22,900142
TU34-240-4242" x 240"22,900152
TU34-240-4848" x 240"22,900154
HKU23-96-3636" X 96"15,00045
HKU23-96-4242" X 96"15,00046
HKU23-96-4848" X 96"15,00048
HKU23-120-3636" X 120"15,00053
HKU23-120-4242" X 120"15,00055
HKU23-120-4848" X 120"15,00057
HKU23-144-3636" X 144"15,00066
HKU23-144-4242" X 144"15,00068
HKU23-144-4848" X 144"15,00070
HKU33-120-3636" X 120"22,90066
HKU33-120-4242" X 120"22,90068
HKU33-120-4848" X 120"22,90070
HKU33-144-3636" X 144"22,90078
HKU33-144-4242" X 144"22,90079
HKU33-144-4848" X 144"22,90081
HKU33-168-4242" X 168"22,90094
HKU33-168-4848" X 168"22,90097
HKU33-192-4242" X 192"22,900106
HKU33-192-4848" X 192"22,900108
HKU34-144-4242" X 144"29,00091
HKU34-144-4848" X 144"29,00093
HKU34-192-4242" X 192" 29,000121
HKU34-192-4848" X 192"29,000124
HKU34-216-4242" X 216"29,000138
HKU34-216-4848" X 216"29,000142
HKU34-240-4242" X 240"29,000152
HKU34-240-4848" X 240"29,000154

Product NumberSize W x HCapacity (lbs.)Wt. (lbs.).Request a quote!
HTB3.0-04848" X 3"7,39812
HTB3.0-07272" X 3"4,82517
HTB3.0-09696" X 3"2,86822
HTB4.0-09694" X 4"4,64025
HTB4.25-09696" X 4-1/4"5,08026
HTG4.5-09696" X 4-1/2"6,39028
HTB4.25-108108" X 4-1/4"4,41528
HTB4.5-108108" X 4-1/2"5,26030
HTB5.0-120120" X 5"5,79036
HTB6.0-144144" X 6"7,59655
HKB3.0-04848" X 3"7,39812
HKB3.0-07272" X 3"4,82517
HKB3.0-09696" X 3"2,86822
HKB4.0-09696" X 4"4,64025
HKB4.25-09696" X 4-1/4"5,08026
HKB4.5-09696" X 4-1/2"6,39028
HKB4.25-108108" X 4-1/4"4,41528
HKB4.5-108108" X 4-1/2"5,26030
HKB5.0-120120" X 5"5,79036
HKB6.0-144144" X 6"7,59655