Comfort-King Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Comfort-King Anti-Fatigue Mat

    • Highly-engerized Zedlan™ sponge offers optimal ergonomic support.
    • Available in Royal Blue, Black and Steel Gray

Used in factories, work stations, and cashier's stations, the Comfort-King mat has extra bounce that stimulates muscles and blood flow to reduce fatigue. It maintains flexibility even in low temperatures.

Ordering Instructions for Custom Lengths
To order custom lengths enter the total length of the mat for the quantity. If you want more than one custom mat in the same width, click "Shop More" and repeat the process.

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Comfort King Mats
Product No.SizeDescriptionWt. (lbs.)
CK00232' X 3'Standard Mat5
CK00353' X 5'Standard Mat11
CL03123' X 12'Standard Mat27
Full Rolls
CK838242' X 60'Full Roll90
CK838363' X 60'Full Roll135
CK838484' X 60'Full Roll180
CK838726' X 60'Full Roll270
Custom Lengths - Order By Linear Foot
CK8324C2' X (ENTER LINEAR FEET)Custom Length1.5 lbs per lf.
CK8336C3' X (ENTER LINEAR FEET)Custom Length2.3 lbs per lf.
CK8348C4' X (ENTER LINEAR FEET)Custom Length3.0 lbs per lf.
CK8372C6' X (ENTER LINEAR FEET)Custom Length4.5 lbs per lf.