Jaken Pallet Rack

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Jaken Pallet Rack
Uprights: Features 3" x 3" columns and 5" x 8" seismic base plates. Regular duty uprights are constructed of 16 gauge steel and provide 16,100 lbs. capacity per upright. Heavy duty uprights feature a 23,300 lb. capacity and are constructed from 14 gauge steel. Regular and heavy duty capacities are based upon a maximum shelf spacing of 36". Uprights feature a bolt together design that provides a lower cost of ownership because components can be easily replaced when damaged, while traditional welded uprights require entire replacement. Beams can be adjusted every 2". Light Green in color.

Step Load Beams: Deluxe form beams feature an improved safety clip which can be easily replaced and prevents the beam from detaching from the upright. Beams are interchangeable with most pallet rack manufacturers. Beam length is measured by clear span between uprights. Beam capacities are based on a evenly distributed load. Orange in color.

Wire Mesh Decking: Constructed of 4 gauge wire and 14 gauge flared channels. Featuring a durable powder coated finish and 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" wire spacing. Each level of decking consists of two or more smaller panels.

Due to the volitivity of the steel market all items are priced on request. Please add the items you would like quoted to your shopping cart and request a quote.

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Regular Duty Uprights
Product No.Size (H x D)Wt. (lbs)Request a quote!
IU36096A8 x 3'49
IU36120A10 x 3'57
IU36144A12 x 3'71
IU42096A8 x 3 1/2'51
IU42120A10 x 3 1/2'59
IU42144A12 x 3 1/2'73
IU48096A8 x 4'53
IU48120A10 x 4'62
IU48144A12 x 4'77

Heavy Duty Uprights
Product No.Size (H x D)Wt. (lbs.)Request a quote!
IUH36120A10 x 3'73
IUH36144A12 x 3'89
IUH36192A16 x 3'116
IUH42120A10 x 3 1/2'75
IUH42144A12 x 3 1/2'92
IUH42192A16 x 3 1/2'120
IUH48120A10 x 4'78
IUH48144A12 x 4'95
IUH48192A16 x 4'124

Step Beams
Product No.Size (H x L)Cap. Per PairWt. (lbs)Request a quote!
215-IB350963 1/2" x 8'346025
215-IB400964" x 8'497727
215-IB401084" x 9'422830
215-IB401204" x 10'342534
215-IB500965" x 8'703532
215-IB501085" x 9'710336
215-IB501205" x 10'600440
215-IB501445" x 12'417045
215-IB601446" x 12'651152

Wire Mesh Decking
Product No.Size (W x D)Wt. (lbs)Request a quote!
215-DF364636" X 46"38
215-DF365836" X 58"41
215-DF424642" X 46"44
215-DF425842" X 58"57
215-DF484648" X 46"43
215-DF485848" X 58"49