Pallet Truck ETT

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Pallet Truck ETT
    Strong pallet truck that provides safety for the user
    Has a special lowering valve to control the lowering function
    High-pressure relief valve to prevent overload
    Long operating life
    Low maintenance cost
    Reliable leak-proof hydraulic system


With a ETT pallet truck you get a pallet truck, for which the price is adjusted to the quality. The ETT pallet truck is easy to pump and very easy to
operate and maintain.
The ETT pallet truck is very maneuverable and can contribute to a better utilization of space in
storage and production areas.

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Pallet Truck ETT
Product No.SizeCapacityLowered HeightRaised HeightOur Low Price
ETT55274827" x 48"55002.9"7.5"
 On Sale $315.00
 Regular $350.00