Little Giant Replacement Wheels

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Little Giant Replacement Wheels
    Polyurethane Wheels Easier rolling for higher capacities, long lasting, chemical resistant, non-marking and quiet operation.
    Mold-On Rubber Wheels Better load capacity, long lasting, cushion tread, absorbs shock and vibration, floor protection and quiet operation.
    Pneumatic Wheels Great cushion ride over rough floor surfaces, best option for traveling over small obstructions or outdoor applications. Best shock and vibration absorption.
    Phenolic Wheels Best rolling for heavy load capacities, long lasting, chemical resistant, high temperature, non-marking for smooth floor surface.
    Solid Rubber Wheels Good load capacity, great option for rough floor surfaces, puncture-proof, floor protection and quiet operation.
    Flat-Free Hand Truck Wheels All the benefits of a pneumatic wheel without losing air or going flat.

Please order carefully as these items cannot be returned. Consult the manufacturer if you are not sure which wheel you need.

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Little Giant Replacement Wheels
Part NumberHubSizeLoad Capacity
Polyurethane Wheels
WHMP-051145" X 1-1/4"300
WHMP-06206" X 2"900
WHMP-08208" X 2"1200
Mold-On Rubber Wheels
WHMS-0620 6" X 2"500
WHMS-08208" X 2"600
WHMS-1225012" X 2-1/2"950
Pneumatic Wheels
WHPN-0830 9" X 3"300
WHPN-1035-C10" centered 3/4"400
WHPN-123512" X 3-1/2"500
WHPN-164016" X 4"750
Phenolic Wheels
WHPL-0620 6" X 2"1200
WHPL-08208" X 2"1400
Solid Rubber Wheels
WHSP-0825-O (8S)Offset8" X 2-1/2"400
WHSP-1027P-O (10)Offset10" X 2-3/4"400
WHSP-1027P-CCentered10" X 2-3/4"400
Flat-Free Hand Truck Wheels
WHFF-1035 (10FF)Offset10" X 3-1/2"300