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  • Safely stores harsh acids including nitric & sulfuric.
  • Made of high-density polyethylene for long life.

The leak tight sump and shelves of the cabinet are equipped with removable corrosive-resistant polyethylene trays to contain accidental spills. Acid Cabinets are finished in corrosive-resistant blue urethane paint. Large warning label reads: "CAUTION CORROSIVES". Or choose your own special message or wording.

** Cabinet by itself is not recommended for the storage of Nitric or Sulfuric Acids unless used in conjunction with PE3045 Polyethylene Cabinet.

Blue polyethylene cabinet is designed to fit inside an Acid/Corrosive Safety Cabinet or to be used as a countertop cabinet. The one-piece body is constructed of high-density (.187" thick) polyethylene allowing the cabinet to safely store acids and corrosives near your work area (including nitric and sulfuric acids). Double-wall recessed doors help to control vapors. Fit two cabinets in a 30 gallon cabinet or three in a 45-gallon cabinet. Labels read, "ACIDS/CORROSIVES" and display the international symbol for Corrosive Material. Shipped assembled and ready to use.

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Acid & Corrosive Storage Cabinets
Cap. (gal.)ShelvesSize (H) x W x DWt.
Self-Latching Manual Door
C13030144 x 43 x 18"270
C14545265 x 43 x 18"363
C16060265 x 31 x 31"396
Self-Closing - Self Latching Doors
C33030146 x 43 x 18"290
C34545267 x 43 x 18"383
C36060267 x 31 x 31"418
Polyethylene Internal or Counter Top Cabinet
PE304518" x 38" x 13"32