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  • Low-cost storage of pipes, bars, tubing, etc.
  • Stacks can be easily shifted or changed as your requirements change.

Additions are inexpensive and easy to make... no tools required. Perfect for storage of those awkward items that don't store well on standard shelving. All-welded steel construction stands up to rough industrial abuse. Capacities up to 7500 lbs. FOB Shipping Point.

HOW TO SELECT:1. Determine modular capacity from tables.

2. Determine length of material to be stored and select number of units required from sketch.

3. Determine storage volume dimensions and module quantities and order from table.

Click on the Product No(s). below to view further information!

Product No.Overall L x W x HWt. (lbs.)Cap. (lbs.)No. of SectionsPrice Ea.
SSR-116 x 12 x 13"1725001
SSR-219 x 14 x 17"2937501
SSR-322 x 15 x 20"3556001
SSR-426 x 16 x 23"5375001
SSM-1-230 x 12 x 13"322500/section2
SSM-1-344 x 12 x 13"442500/section3
SSM-1-458 x 12 x 13"552500/section4
SSM-1-572 x 12 x 13"662500/section5
SSM-2-236 x 14 x 17"543750/section2
SSM-2-353 x 14 x 17"733750/section3
SSM-2-470 x 14 x 17"973750/section4
SSM-2-587 x 14 x 17"1163750/section5
SSM-3-242 x 15 x 20"625600/section2
SSM-3-362 x 15 x 20"865600/section3
SSM-3-482 x 15 x 20"1115600/section4
SSM-3-5102 x 15 x 20"1355600/section5
SSM-4-250 x 16 x 23"907500/section2
SSM-4-374 x 16 x 23"1267500/section3
SSM-4-498 x 16 x 23"1857500/section4
SSM-4-5122 x 16 x 23"2007500/section5